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fuck the unpaid internship ass holes - marfan's syndrome
"labels disable."

date of incident: 2016-09-28 20:15
crime: fuck the unpaid internship ass holes
protection Public
hideouthome of chicken and biscuits' toilet
psychotic phasemorosemorose
wanna quit unpaid internship.

supervisor had the nerve to smoke during first meaning. what the fuck? that was rude. apparrently could not stop for one fucking hour. he emailed me some work to do. but it is so confusing. and i do not even know if i have learned enough to do it.

oh well. what's he gonna do, fire me?

(rolls eyes)

running out of shit to do

do not even feel like toilet hopping

wish i had real friends

but all i got is the computer

but whatever

"life goes on"
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bully: red_qat
date of incident: 2016-10-01 02:56 (UTC)
crime: "home of chicken and biscuits"
...Popeyes', by any chance?
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bully: marfan
date of incident: 2016-10-02 01:39 (UTC)
crime: "bathroom for customers only" $%^&^*
no, the name of the restaurant that i went to the bathroom in was "home of chicken and biscuits".

as usual, i failed to make a purchase.

right now i am 33. since age 12, i have rapidly been on the descent in every way.

exception: math, physics, structural/mechanical engineering, been on the descent since age 21.

exception: since around age 28, started feeling a lot more sensitive to cold.

@ this point pretty much feel cold and exhausted every fucking waking second. unless it is over 98 degrees.


emotionally fragile.

academically stupid.

socially awkward.

the older i get the more shit i feel afraid of, annoyed by, and hate.


almost everyone i have ever interacted with gets on my nerves.'

esp judgmental extroverts.

they act like they are so important, wise, funny, smart, awesome, cool.

they ask "why" about anything they do not like. they are pretending to be receptive then tell me the reason is not a good one. (as if there were a better reason.). ie. "why are you smiling?" in the past year @ least 3 different ass holes have had the nerve to ask me that. (what the flying fuck?). and when i am not smiling they say "what's wrong?" and "are you ok?".

b/c their egos are so fucking humongous that they truly believe that they have a moral right to veto whatever the fuck they do not like. large and small.

they refer to themselves as "we," "people", or "most people".

they say "may i help you?". but that is not how they treat their precious lil friends. they act so innocent. like they never did jack shit wrong before. just "helping people". (fuck mister redelings!).

then when they do not wanna do something they tell me they "can't."

when they think i did something wrong they act like they have a moral right to do whatever they want to me.

but when it turns out they were wrong, no lamefuck "i'm sorry."

in the case of homophobic ass holes, shit. (rolls eyes).

they truly believe anyone different from them is not only morally inferior. but not even a person.

and then they have the nerve to tell me they "care" about me.


(rolls eyes)

sylvia plath, jd salinger, and emily dickinson, reportedly were withdrawn to the point of reclusive. but that did not prevent them from enormous literary success.

maybe they were morally justified.

quite frankly i do not get those stupidass psychologists, LCSW and etc. they act like everyone has to be extroverted.

on the other hand maybe they are right in that "if you can't beat em, join 'em."


seriously, way too many precious lil "people" seem to have way too much stupidass self esteem.

"She's not some comic book hero."
- fat angie

Edited at 2016-10-02 01:42 am (UTC)
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