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living in the past - marfan's syndrome
"labels disable."

date of incident: 2016-09-20 20:22
crime: living in the past
protection Public
hideoutGeneral Education Building
everything seems meaningless. everyone seems stupid including myself.

"the meaning of life is helping people!", the homophobic ass hole civil engineer over 10 years ago 500 miles away had the nerve to tell me.

mussolini was "helping" hitler. be more specific.

some ass holes truly believe everything is completely good or bad. and they had dr spock parents that treated them like special snowflakes. and there are a lot of ass holes like them (extroverted judmental chatterboxes). so they assume everything and everyone different from them is not just morally inferior, but not even a "person".

seriously mister redelings took an immediate, profound, and permanenet toll on my already dwindling emotional resilience

now i feel like i can't trust (seemingly) nice, skinny, handsome, academically smart precious lil "people" b/c one of them (@ least one) betrayed my trust

like a smack across the face

seriously, fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit sometimes i feel like i have to write a social interaction contract with ass holes. otherwise they will just act like they have a moral right to fuck with me.

and put some consequences in there too shit.

i do NOT want to hear one more "what?", "huh", "people do it all the time", "i don't like it", "why?".

seriously ASS HOLES. you should not be micromanaging me any more than vice versa.

when i say something they do not like they say "why". (why should i have to justify it to your satisfaction, who the fuck do you think you are?). ex. aikido instructor's sidekick and other bitches had the nerve to ask "why are you smiling?". why are you asking? do i need your consent every single time? and then when i was not smiling, extroverted self-important ass holes have the nerve to tell me "smile". they have the nerve to tell me "you look like a girl" and "you look like a boy". "you sound like a girl" or "you sound like a boy." "are you a girl or boy?". (rolls eyes). they ask "why" as if to pretend to be receptive, then to veto the reason, as if there were a reason they would accept. how about i ask chatterbox extroverted republicans "why" they refer to themselves as "most people". or "why" they ask "why" about every single fucking thing. FUCK YOU!!!!!!

when i say something they like they say "ok" (giving permission)
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