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president trump - marfan's syndrome
"labels disable."

date of incident: 2016-11-18 18:43
crime: president trump
protection Public
hideoutstarbucks: toilet
even 9 years later and 500 miles away from the homophobic city i went to school in, still constantly paranoid about getting raped. it's gotten to the point where i wear a hat or hood whenever i leave the cage.

when someone does not like, accept, agree with, or understand something i said or did, he/she acts like he/she has a moral right to respond in any way he/she wants. and then when it turns out that i was right, or, just that he/she was wrong, nobody even squeaks a flimsy fuck "i'm sorry". (rolls eyes). but maybe they should waste as much energy telling me they were wrong, as they wasted telling me that i was wrong.

b/c otherwise what is there to prevent them from accusing me of whatever the fuck they want, and i have to answer in a method that satisfies them, even though nothing might satisfy them?

when big egoed ass holes ask "why" i did or said something they do not like, they act like there is a correct or good answer, and that was not the answer i gave. and they act like they are receptive to the me doing or saying something if the answer for why is good enough. but no matter what answer i give, maybe they still have the nerve to tell me that it is not a good answer.

which implies that they have the moral authority to judge what is a good answer or bad answer.

how about "why do you ask 'why' about ever slightest thing you do not like, b/c you think you are so fucking awesome that everything you do has a perfect explanation?".

how about "why do you act so fucking morally innocent and superior, smart, wise, awesome, cool?

seriously precious lil "most people" have hugefuck egos. not only that but they have the nerve to phrase whatever i did with the most condescending terminology. like when they talk at over 100 decibels they say they were "teaching" and when i perform likewise those lil bitches had the nerve to tell me "you got mad" or "you got upset". (rolls eyes).

they act like they are perfect, so i have a moral duty to passive aggressively tolerate whatever the fuck they do or say. and if i do not do so, then they have the nerve to tell me "you got mad".

seriously sometimes i feel like i have to write out a social interaction contract with the fuckers before the first encounter.

the previous two precious lil "friends" were right: "people do it all the time". fuck those stupidass bitches.

the world contains more registered sex offenders than nobel prize winners in physics. it does not follow that the activity with more participants is more morally justified.

if someone has the nerve to attempt to veto something i do, then why the fuck do i not have the prerogative to perform vice versa?

shit sometimes i wonder if all social interactions, even w/other autists are doomed to fail.


trump want to write laws against the lgbt
trump wants to reduce minimum wage
trump wants to try to get hillary sent to jail
trump wants to get rid of obamacare
trump wants to write a muslim registry, modelled after japanese internment camps

no wonder why all those trans youth committed suicide. shit.
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