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licensed clinical social worker - marfan's syndrome
"labels disable."

date of incident: 2016-10-31 18:45
crime: licensed clinical social worker
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lately, my dumbfuck "life" has been "As Good As it Gets." only several, peculiar things could make it better, temporarily. an unlimited number of things could make it much worse, permanently. so extremely anal retentive about the risk taking. shit, not just risk taking, but every fucking thing.


the licensed clinical social worker told me she is not good @ math but she does not consider herself "completely stupid" b/c she is good @ english. but "good @ english" is vague. she did not specify any test scores. granted, some english tests, such as SAT II: Writing, essay portion, are subjectively graded. but @ least the grader is more or less unbiased. @ least the grader is not the student.

the licensed clinical social worker had the nerve to try to convince me that i ain't "worthless". she asked me if someone without a job can talk to someone with a job. answer: yes, but what is so great about talking? (some say "actions speak louder than words. but i say that talking is superficial and ephemeral. likewise plenty of precious lil "people" are so pompous that they do little besides talk.) then she asked if, a student besides me, were not working and was going to school, and wanted and tried to get a job, would he be "worthless". so i answered going to school does not make someone valuable.

seriously, shit.

school is a money making business. a corporation. likewise what was she trying to say, a full time student, straight out of high school, in community college, that passes all his classes, paying tuition with scholarships/grants/financial aid/loans, is valuable? b/c then it begs the question what if the student is only taking one unit, and what if the student does not pass, or what if it's not the student's highest level of education? b/c you can't just go from a worthless person to a valuable one by wasting $$ on tuition. community college tuition.

and what is there to prevent rats from telling other rats that they are not worthless b/c they are valuable to their immediate relatives? that's the same as getting 100% on a test that is worth 0% of your grade.

what if you cut an earthworm into two pieces? does the importance double? (rolls eyes).

when a woman becomes pregnant, when does it count as two lives, third trimester?

when siamese twins get separated, do they double in importance?

of course not, shit.

answer: not just me, but everyone else is also fucking worthless in almost every way. some are not worthless, financially. but everyone is worthless in numerous ways. but almost everyone is so fucking arrogant they act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

(rolls eyes)

granted, the licensed clinical social worker was very nice, and, maybe being nice is the most important qualification of an lcsw. (fine). and that she maybe was not just reciting her personal philosophy, but the philosophy of the school or country or precious lil "most people". and it is also true that there is something wrong with everything.

but seriously?

personally, i find it more insulting for someone to act like i am going to believe whatever the fuck she told me, in 9 sessions @ age 33, than for someone to tell me that i am stupid, worthless, ugly or fat.

but, that is just my dumbfuck opinion. not a fact or law. and not everyone and maybe not anyone's opinion. (fine).

on the other hand, "why is legality so important to you?" (august 2013). (rolls eyes). and what if it were a law, then what? take a 2 year civil lawsuit? lawyers cost a lot of money. and getting subpoenaed to court takes a lot of time and energy and stress.

idioms, similes, metaphors, exaggerations


seriously just b/c she is (presumably) older than me and more educated in psychology, does not follow she is better than me @ all academic subjects. nor does it follow that she is morally superior. nor does it even follow her Stanford Binet IQ score is higher than mine. shit.
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