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andronico's; reference to december 2011 incident - marfan's syndrome
"labels disable."

date of incident: 2016-10-18 19:54
crime: andronico's; reference to december 2011 incident
protection Public
psychotic phasesadsad
afraid of social interactions. fear of situation getting worse grossly overpowers greed for more.

omron handheld body fat measurement. 5'3, 112#, 33. volunteer put "male" w/out me stating. 18.7 percent fat. the female equivalent is 32.2 percent. in some charts that's "obese", the highest category.

the device might be wrong. the charts are just someone's opinion. (fine). but @ least whoever programmed the device and wrote the chart did not interact with me personally. the LCSW had the nerve to tell me that just from looking @ me she "knew" i was not fat. (rolls eyes) (she also said "i know you're smart."). but "fat" is not listed in the Physician's Desk Reference. nor is "smart" or "stupid" listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual. besides the LCSW told me that she is not good at math but she is good @ english, so she does not consider herself "completely stupid." how fucking biased. and vague. and subjective. more specific would be if she told me she was smart b/c she won a pulitzer prize or some shit.

mental health professionals. can't live with 'em. can't live without 'em.

"i remember you. you stole sandwiches from Andronico's", some chick walked past me on the street. shit i did not even recognize her and would not have looked twice. while she managed to get two complete statements out in that time. (over 2 years since i "stole sandwiches at andronico's".) (free samples)

shit my brain is all fogged up.

could use SSRI or MAOI but paranoid about weight gain as side effect

the deformed head, curly haired mohawk boy from aikido invited someone that looked like a stranger to aikido. stranger told me he recognized me from yoga (over 2 years ago, went for a couple years, at most 3x/week). what was the hugefuck deal? stranger told the mohawk boy i didn't "get with the program". mohawk boy agreed.

fuck both bitches!

they sounded like they thought they were all wise and shit b/c they phrased their condescending judgments so skillfully.

(rolls eyes)

shit to think just a couple weeks ago the mohawk boy was a "friend" on facebook

they flap their stupidass traps so much that some of it has to be judgmental. and there are so many of them that they attract eachother.

fuck extroverts!
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